Immigration Services:

-Green Card Renovation:
At Quest we help you apply for your green card renewal in a one, two, three process. Your green card is your past to fly in and out of the country, with an expired green card you will have difficulties reentering to the country. You can start your renewal process 6 moths prior it is set to expire. Actually, It may take several months to a year, this is why we advise to all our clients to do apply for it as soon as there are in the 6 month gap. We will help you get a quick 24-month extension letter for you to be able to travel and returning without any problems. After you renew your green card, the next step is to apply for your citizenship, service that will be described in the next paragraph.

– Citizenship and Naturalization:
Do you need why is so important to become a US Citizen? There are different benefits of becoming a US Citizen; you can obtain federal jobs, you can vote in federal and state elections, your child may be eligible to get citizenship no matter if they were born abroad, no need to renew it and something to take into consideration that a Green Card can be revoked. There are different ways to obtain your citizenship; naturalized by marriage after 3 years with a US Citizen. You may also obtain your citizenship if you served in the US military during wartime, by holding green card for 5 years, or a child born outside of the United States son of two U.S. citizen parents. Quest will make it easy and will guide you during the whole process.

-Affidavits of Support:
The Affidavit of Support is one of the most important requirements for petitions because most of the time this is the step that holds the majority of immigration process. This is a process that involves calculation of income from employment, independent job, or income from business. This part will require the immigration consultant to realize an integrated analysis of the household composition of the sponsor in order to determinate the financial ability for your case. If this step is done incorrectly will result in a hold in your process for months or years until you have a sponsor that comply with all the requirements for your qualification.

-Fiancé Visas:
At Quest Immigration Services we know how important is to celebrate the big day with your loved ones. If your fiancé is abroad, you may qualify to bring him or her to United States to get married within 90 days. This process is a pathway to obtain a legal status as a green card holder after getting married.

-Family Petitions:
The American dream is to be shared with family, that’s why the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services allows its citizens and legal permanent residents to sponsor their family to immigrate to the country. In a family petition you may be eligible to sponsor your children, your mother, father, their children, your brothers, and sisters.

-Adjustments of Status:
If you are in US territory with a nonimmigrant visa such as a student, temporary employment, temporary visitor or with a fiancé visa, you may qualify for an adjustments of status process in which you can apply for lawful permanent resident while you are present in the US. In this process you will not have to return to your home country. We will help you request your Employment Permit, then Social Security Card and lastly the Green Card.

– Green Card Removal Conditions:
At Quest we understand the difficulties of all immigration process, when you get your residency based on marriage that is usually less than 2 years old, that may result in a 2-year green cards. A petition for condition removal must be filed within the 90-day period before your Green Card expires. We are here to guide you during the whole process.

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QUEST IMMIGRATION SERVICE specializes in helping the community to complete and guide you on all the immigration process needed. We are experts in all the immigration process, from Green Card Renovation to Fiancé Visas, From Naturalization to adjustments of status. Our mission is to help families to be reunited applying professionalism, guidance, and wiliness in any process. Contact us and we will guide you.

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